(below you can find an excerpt from the Cantamen Charter as regards the aims of the Association and methods of their achieving) 


Chapter II

Aims of the Associations and methods of their achieving



The primary aim of the Association shall be to popularise culture.



1. The fundamental aims of the Association shall include:


A. promoting of the culture unity and cultural diversity of Europe,

B. promoting of culture, art, protection of cultural goods and tradition,

C. taking actions as regards the widely interpreted cultural education,

D. popularisation of culture knowledge, as well as culture related academic and practical achievements,

E. supporting of formation and education of elites capable of participating actively in the social and cultural life of the State.


2. In order to achieve its aims the Association shall in particular:


A. organise popularisation activities including, but not limited to, discussions, courses and seminars, competitions, international youth exchanges, concerts and exhibitions, as well as ensure access to information as regards the Association’s aims,

B. cooperate with State authorities, non-governmental organisations, local governments, academic institutions, mass media, as well as other entities and persons, as regards achieving of the Association’s aims and performance of related tasks,

C. organise and provide all forms of education,

D. organisationally support intellectual activity, mainly create programmes and diagnostic documentation, carry out studies and research,

E. carry out publishing activity,

F. generate conditions to popularise cultural activities,

G. organise, participate and support projects useful in terms of the promotion of the ideas of Association,

H. organise culture promoting events of varied range,

I. propose legal solutions,

J. present opinions on the policy implemented by public authorities,

K. promote culture and art as vital elements of democracy,

L. inspire mass media,

M. gain funds to implement the statutory tasks of the Association.